Thursday 23 April 2015

Pizza. On a Bike

On Tuesday Sarah and I literally stumbled across one of Bath's newest businesses, The Pizza Bike. Run by Angel and set up on an ordinary push bike, The Pizza Bike is a mobile pizza oven which will be set up in Bath on Tuesdays and Fridays at Green Park station.

Sarah and I often say that it is the creativity and ingenuity of the independent business owners of Bath that impresses us and this business is certainly no exception. We happened to catch Angel on his first day of trading in Bath and he happily chatted to us about his idea and talked us through how it all works. And boy does it work; not only is his idea economically and ecologically viable but the pizzas are really delicious and he has built the whole thing himself. 

Born out of a passion for mountain biking and a desire to eat more than BBQ food when exploring the bike trails The Pizza Bike has been in development since last year. Using only local organic ingredients and a sourdough base made from Spelty the sourdough starter, Angels's three pizzas are fantastic. Add to this a huge smile and an open attitude and you have a business that deserves to thrive. But be quick, he only has a six week pitch at Green Park Station. See you there tomorrow?

The Pizza Bike
Sarah chatting to Angel about the creation of The Pizza Bike
Angel making Sarah's pizza

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