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A curious little tale about a love affair with our city…

Suddenly it all fell into place, it all seemed to makes sense.  I’ll start at the beginning...

Sarah hearts Erica

So I knew Erica aka Derek (my son couldn't say Erica) before she came to work at Komedia through friends of friends in Bath.   The things I knew of her were:
  1. She is very tall.  I am 5ft  3…and a 1/2 inches.  (In all honesty most people seem tall to me)
  2. She possibly owned more glitter based outfits than I did (this concerned me immensely)
  3. She loves to party.
  4. That was it really!…like I said it was through friends of friends
A few years ago she started working with me as Marketing Manager at Komedia and something a little bit special happened, actually a lot special…She turned into one of my most wonderful friends!!!!!!!! (it really needs this many exclamation marks) It started with our shared love of the glitter outfits, music and festivals and has over the years escalated into a full scale love affair with everything creative and independent our city has to offer.  

Erica hearts Sarah

Before we worked together Sarah was the most glamorous mum I knew. She rocked up to Glastonbury once with her newborn and it is safe to say I was inspired. To this day she inspires me parentally, sartorially, professionally and gastronomically (she is the BEST baker and shares my goal of eating healthily...which doesn't always happen but our intentions are good). I sometimes think I mimic her too much.

Add to this a shared love of all things shiny, independent and most importantly COFFEE and you have one of my favourite friendships. 

The top three things I love about Sarah are:
  1. Her stye - she's endlessly beautiful this one
  2. Her incredible talent to talk to anyone about anything as if she has known them forever
  3. That we have yet to find anything that we really disagree about
Oh and she sings. Beautifully.

I left the big smoke and moved to this beautiful city to study and in all honesty have never doubted this is where I belong. I love this city and everything it has to offer.  I met a west country boy who shares my love of all things creative.  We spend our days making music, drinking coffee, surrounded by the beautiful chaos of our children.  I work for Komedia. It’s a real family-I have a lot of love for this place! My life is hectic, hectic but wonderful. 

Born and raised in Bath I have never been able to stay away for long. After a brief stint working in London I returned to be with my wonderful man and now have a beautiful baby boy. I think it is safe to say that I like to be busy. As well as working for Komedia and having little M to look after I am doing an MA in philosophy, I do bootcamp 3-4 times a week and now this. Bring it on.

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