The Judges

Our judges come from the world of independent business in Bath and as such they understand the challenges and joys of running independent businesses and they are your customers too:

Adrian Campbell-Howard co-owner of Society Cafe Adrian has fast become a central figure in the independent map in Bath with two cafes here and others planned elsewhere this year. His inspiring words on Bath's vibrant indie scene will grace the blog soon!

Melissa Blease one half of Bath's independent food guide The Pig Guide Melissa knows her onions. Having worked in publishing in and around Bath since the hazy days of local listings mag Venue, Melissa's local knowledge is second to none.

Rich Daws Managing director Of Komedia, an independent business that punches way above it's weight. In Bath since 2008 Komedia has been around for 20 years in Brighton helping many household names on their way to comic stardom.

Emma Savage Co-Owner of designer resale boutique Grace & Ted. To say Emma is a champion of independent businesses in Bath is a massive understatement. Emma has made it her mission to champion all of the great indies our fair city has to offer and as such was an obvious choice.

Ali Vowels  - Due to other commitments we are very sad to say the Ali Vowels has had to pull out of this year. Huge thanks to Ali for her support throughout.

Micj Ringham Bathonian through and through Mick has variously done pretty much everything from DJing to being a restaurateur, and being a councillor to writing for Bath Magazine. Mick's passion and enthusiasm for Bath is infectious and we are deighted to have him on board!

This A-Team will have full and final say in who our winners are but we will be encouraging our judges to:
  • Visit as many businesses as they have the time to - please remember our judges are not being paid so they will only be able to do what their spare time allows
  • Look at how you make creative use of your resources whatever their size
  • Look at how you tackle the challenges of working in a chain dominated world
  • be entirely impartial and declare any conflicts of interests which might make them biased

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