About Independent Bath Awards

What are the Bath Independent Awards?

The Independent Bath Awards are run by independents for independents. They are judged by independents for independents. In short what we really care about is the independent businesses that really make Bath a great city to live and work in.

The Independent Bath awards was born out of the fact that there really is nothing else like this in the city. Sure there are other awards, but the Independent Bath Awards is more than an award ceremony. We want to promote the breadth, creativity, diversity, and down right brilliance of independent businesses in this city with a fun. relaxed yet prestigious evening to remember.
These really are independent awards. We are not aligned with, associated to or run by anybody. Its just us Sarah and Erica.

Our vision

We will create a platform to shout about Bath's independent business sector. This will be in the form of this blog, operating all year round with updates about the great businesses in our fair city, as well as an annual awards ceremony where independent businesses can get together to celebrate each other's successes (and have a great, fun filled time!).

Our Judges

We also really care about equality so we will always have a panel of judges that is half women and half men. They will always come from independent businesses that either started or are still in Bath. The judges will be entirely independent of us and their decisions will not be influenced by us at all...hopefully by now you get the idea: These awards are all about independence!

Award criteria

In order to make the independent Bath awards truly different we want to set some broad criteria to make sure that only independent businesses can be awarded.

  • Your business must be or operate within 10 miles of Bath city centre.
  • Multiple premises are okay as long as the 'branch' you are entering is within 10 miles of the city centre. 
  • You can enter as many awards as you feel your business is relevant for and if our judges think you deserve multiple awards then that is exactly what you will get.
  • Our judges will always be people working at or owning independent businesses. We want to make sure that all our judges understand the challenges and rewards the pitfalls and the successes that need to be celebrated when talking about that independent businesses.
  • We really want to support those business that are fully immersed in the community and who really know how best to connect to their particular audience.
  • We will pose a few basic questions designed to give you the opportunity to tell us what makes your business amazing. We will apply word limits on this to make sure that each business entering is judged on a level playing field. Our judges will be encouraged to visit your businesses, your websites and to see how you interact with your customers and the community on social media. They will not necessarily to make themselves known though.
  • We know that there are many businesses out there that we do not know about so if you think there is a category missing please let us know.
  • Finally please enter your business in the spirit in which these awards are intended...if you are a big multi-national then you are not really what we are all about promoting...your pretty good at that already!

The award ceremony

We want to make this ceremony more of an event than you could ever imagine! As well as your awards and your three course meal we want to make sure that this is a celebratory night to remember. Hosted in one of the cities premier independent businesses the ceremony will include:
  • A three course meal from Komedia Bath's award winning kitchen.
  • Hosts from the finest comedy background.
  • Entertainment from local bands/musicians/comedians.
  • Dancing till the wee hours to the best in soul funk and Motown from Motorcity.
  • No dress code. We want to celebrate what makes independent businesses not make you all the same no tuxedos unless that's what YOU want!
  • The chance to network if that's your thing or just sup champagne in good company if not!
  • A chance to celebrate your business with your staff.

Why should you enter your business?

These Awards celebrate Independent businesses, Independent people, independent thinkers. These are the people that make us smile and get us excited about the city we live in. They are the people we talk about over our morning coffee, chat about through lunch and email each other about whilst we work. Behind every Independent business or idea is a hugely creative person.  These are the people that we spend our time commenting on, debating, loving and investing our time and money in. We are your loyal customer, your fans, your social marketeers. We are the ones that pass on stories of time spent in your company, loving your style and design and ranting about how amazing your produce is. We love what you do.

Why are these awards different?

We think this is a great opportunity to be part of something new and exciting and something that is truly for the benefit of the independent businesses of Bath. This is a chance to really tell everyone what makes you brilliant at what you do best. This will be an award ceremony that is celebratory rather than corporate. We will get as much press coverage as we can possibly for you. Together we can have a bigger social media voice by being part of something bigger. And if you win you will also get a beautiful handcrafted award. 

Over time we want this award ceremony to become a major part of the calendar for independent businesses in Bath.

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