The Award Categories

Best Independent cafe
We are passionate about coffee and cafe life in general. Always to be found lurking in a cafe studying, entertaining our kids, having a quick meeting or just getting a good old fashioned caffeine fix we LOVE cafes. Tell us what makes yours awesome.

Best independent Restaurant
Like cafes we are pretty partial to good nosh. Bath is leading the way in the food revolution and we are so excited to see your entries for this one because there is nothing we like more on a child free night than sampling your wares.

Best Independent Retailer
Shopping is like food for the soul! Bath is resplendent with independent shops selling all manner of wares.

Best Artist/illustrator
Our walls are adorned with your work - let's show the world how great you are!

Best Independent Food Producer
Do you make food in or around Bath? Are you a cheese maker, a baker or do you do something more obscure? Please tell us about your business.

Best Independent florist/Horticultural Business
Are you a florist? A Flower school? A landscape gardener or an exterior architect? Shout about your business here.

Best Independent Guest House/Hotel
Bath is a city fit for tourists with every budget. From the grandest boutique hotel to the simplest bed to lay your head on all have a place at this table.

Best Independent Female Business owner
Feminism is a bit of thing for us - are you a woman who has followed her dream to make great things happen. Please please please nominate yourself for this award and show the rest of the city how strong our female business owners are.

Best Independent Pub/Bar
This needs little explanation, pub, gastro pub, cocktail bar or spit and sawdust boozer we love you one and all.

Best Innovation/Idea
What amazing light bulb moment have you had this year. Are you a game changer? Tell us all about it.

Born in Bath
Did you start your business in Bath and then expand to take over the west country, the UK or the World? We want to hear your story.

Best International Success story
Have you gone from a kitchen table in Bath to having customers all over the world? Is your business now truly global? This one is for you.

Best Independent Health/fitness/sport Business
There are so many amazing personal trainers, gym owners and health gurus in this little city that we know this one will be hotly contested. May the fittest business win!

Best Interior/Interior Design business
Are you an interior designer or do you own a shop that specialises in interiors or home wares?

Best Independent Children's Business
Are you en entertainer or a toy seller? Have you solved one of the greatest problems of the modern parenting age? As mothers ourselves this one really means a lot to us as we are investing in the future everyday.

Best Independent Dog
Does your dog come to work with you? Is your dog the star of your business' social media...nominate your number one pooch and we will award ours! Please send us a picture of your pooch when you enter!

Best Independent Hair and Beauty
Does what it says on the tin!

Best Independent Gallery
There are so many fantastic indie galleries that we really couldn't let this one go!

If you think we have missed anything, if your business really doesn't fit into any of these categories them please get in touch!

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