Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Be a guest writer for Independent Bath

Are you an indie owner? Do want to guest write for us? If so look no further because we would like to invite you to write a post for us about what matters to you.

Do you want to discuss the challenges and pitfalls of running an independent business? Do you want to talk about how you set your business up or what inspired you to take the leap from secure, paid employment into the world of self-employment. Do you want to tell us about how different,  unusual or even unique your business is? Or do you want to share some of your favourite indie businesses? Are you just starting out or have you been in the indie game for decades?

Whatever you want to talk about, please get in touch with your ideas...we welcome them all because we want this to be your platform as much as it is ours. The only thing we ask is that you address even your biggest challenges with positivity and optimism; we do not want this blog to become a space for negative soapboxing, but then I'm sure you don't either.

Drop us an email at and lets see what we can do together.

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