Saturday, 25 April 2015

From tiny Acorns great food grows

On Friday I was lucky enough to be treated to a birthday lunch at Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen. Formally Demuths, and formally one of my favourite restaurants Acorn continues to deliver exceptional vegetarian food.

Under the ownership of Rachel Demuth's former head chef and front of house manager, Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen serves modern, exciting vegetarian food, in a contemporary setting in the heart of Bath city centre.

Following a recent refit, mainly centred on new kitchen equipment (including an all singing all dancing induction hob) but also including a new lick of paint and some beautiful copper industrial lighting, Acorn now feels like it's found its identity in every sense. Coming out from the shadow of Demuths was always going to be a risk - Rachel had run the restaurant since the mid 80's and it was widely recognised as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the UK. But the vegetarian accolade never did it justice. Demuths made the vegetables sing and Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen has taken this concept and elevated it to something even more special.

Based on the three principles of relaxing with friends, incredible ingredients from local artisans and food prepared with skill and served from the heart, Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen is truly a gem. I was there with a self confessed carnivore who commented that with food like this why would you ever need meat. This was shortly followed by "how do you make a carrot taste like that" - praise indeed!

It was here that I celebrated my five year anniversary, here that we asked our best friend to become godfather to little M. and here that I will continue to celebrate even when there's no occasion.
Happy, relaxed lunchtime customers
Good food served from the heart
Lovely new lights

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