Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A love letter to Colonna & Hunter

Here at Indie HQ we spend the majority of our mornings discussing where to have lunch. It usually starts whilst we are eating breakfast...After a two hour debate and coinciding with my need for more coffee we hot footed it up to Colonna and Hunter. Now E has raved about this place for a while and my goodness my girls not wrong. Tucked up in Milsom Place is a little sanctuary. I love it's simplicity. Simple done well is a winning formula in my eyes. They sell craft beers and coffee and have a 'small' lunch menu. By small I mean one choice. Today was beans on toast. I did say simple! It was so good! We spent our time tasting the amazing craft beers-a girls gotta drink you know! E went for a zesty brew and of course I had my much needed coffee!!! The coffee here is immense.

Beans on Toast, coffee and Beer. Perfection on a wet March afternoon...

Things we love: 
It's space. A great place for a lunch meeting with big tables to accommodate.
It's design. I love the bottle green tiles, brick salt and pepper pots and the glass tapped water barrels. 
The simple food menu (I did notice a Crack Pie on the menu for desert- I'll be going back for this!)
The beers & the coffee.
Super lovely staff too xxx

Win! I think we'll be having more meetings here e!!!! Xxx

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