Monday, 30 March 2015

All Hail Beyond The Kale

It's tricky to write about this place without doing my classic over excited, tripping over my words, clapping like a seal (just ask Erica, it is a wonder to behold) because I'm so excited to talk about this little gem of a place tucked away in Bath's Green Park Station.  If I ever get into conversations on healthy eating, green juices, nut butters or coconut oil which I often do as it seems to be all the rage these days. Beyond the Kale is my number one recommendation in Bath! 

Beyond The Kale in Green Park Station

Now to some I know the health thing can be a bit daunting. It is always daunting to me on a Monday morning when I am trying to undo my mistakes of the weekend.  This is usually where my love for Beyond the Kale begins.  Monday, after the chaos of the school run, usually slightly blurry eyed from 'Sunday worship'.  (Sunday worship entails drinking far to much gin in my local village pub-there is nothing healthy about this I know) 

I'll head straight to Beyond the Kale for a mammoth dose of green goodness in the form of one of their glorious Blends.  It tastes amazing! A mixture that uses the whole fruits and vegetables so you get all the nutritional benefits. Ridiculously Tasty!

So it seems we're all putting beetroot in brownies, nuts and seed snacks in our bags and watching you tube videos of how to make your own almond milk (I have done all of these with varying success)
As time consuming as all this healthy food preparation is, It's clear that we are all striving for the same thing.  We want look and feel good and ultimately be healthier people.   Beyond the Kale is the foodie place that helps me on my mission to be healthy.  I love that I can pick up a 'Blend' in the morning, a super food salad or butternut squash curry for lunch and If I need something sweet, which I seem to be justifying most days at the moment, I can grab a deliciously healthy treat. Seriously if you are a cake lover like me you have got to try one of 'Kale's' Raw cakes, they are literally 'The Bomb!'(Really there is one called The Bomb made with dates, coconut, almond and peanut butter) Clever huh!

The Bomb!!! 

Beyond the Kale is a combination of cafe, takeaway and grocer.  It has the feel of a lovely old fashioned green grocer.  It's relaxing in here. In the busyness of the Saturday Farmers Market, I'll pop in for some time out, grab a juice and get some groceries. It's the polar opposite to shopping in a chaotic supermarket. It's just how shopping should be. 

Blends, Juices and Boosters. 

If you are a lover of healthy whole food and haven't found this place must go. You will fall in love. If you're not a lover of health food and find it all a bit overwhelming you should simply go and sample something utterly delicious that will make you feel great.  

ALL HAIL BEYOND THE KALE! Thank you for being there in my Monday morning time of need (really I do need you!) and supporting my mission to eat healthy.

Independent Bath Salutes you xxx

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  1. I loveeee Beyond The Kale! I actually just did a blogpost on them too!