Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A bugle call for The Foodie Bugle

Born out of The Foodie Bugle Journal this shop is a fascinating mix of grocer, cafe, kitchen & home wares shop and deli. 

The Foodie Bugle is crammed with things you want to eat, drink and buy (including all their furniture from Owl in the Ivy). This shop is the latest in a long line of great independent shops on Margaret's Buildings (more on these soon!). It is a bit off the beaten shopping track but only a stone's throw from The Royal Crescent and Circus, and even in Bath, off the beaten track is never more than a mini detour.

Silvana and her husband have created a cafe and shop that is just the right mix of things that work together perfectly - if you felt inclined you could fully stock your larder as well as your kitchen, garden shed and desk drawers. I simply couldn't resist a lovely crocheted blanket for my little one and keep meaning to go back to buy a big ball of brown string.

The cafe serves great soups, quiches, sandwiches and more. The Foodie Bugle is definitely worth a visit but leave yourself plenty of time to look around ...we left post lunch with veggie treats for supper and a strong desire to return for a longer second visit. 

I heartily recommend you follow them on Instagram too...not only will your feed fill up with sumptuous looking photographs of fresh fruit and vegetables along with the teams favourite ways to cook them, Silvana often also posts nutritional tips and information on the particular benefits of eating certain foods. Take this as our little bugle call to you all to check out this lovely store.

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