Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My love affair with Society Cafe

I think it is fair to say that both Sarah and I love Society Cafe on Kingsmead Square. That is a complete understatement. We are super fans! Every work day starts and ends with Society coffee and much of our time is taken up by discussing how much we love it. Since Adrian and Jane open their doors I dread to think how many Almond milk lattes I've drunk but I can safely say that I have enjoyed every single one. 

In their own words "Society Cafe is designed with all of us in mind" but it's hard to say exactly what makes Society such a great cafe. It obviously looks great and serves delicious, locally roasted Round Hill Roastery coffee, but it's a lot more than that. I often spend whole days studying at Society. There are days when I come into town with my son just to sit in there for a while drinking their delicious coffee and watching the world go by. We have meetings there. And this is perhaps the crux of what makes it such a great cafe: whether You're grabbing a quick takeaway or spending the majority of the day their Adrian and his staff could not make you feel more welcome. 

From week one they learnt my name and that personal touch, honed through years in the hotel trade, is certainly not missed on the huge number of regulars who I see there everyday.

There's a particular quality to all the staff to. Whether it's because they're all creative (most of them are also practising photographers) or whether it's just a love of awesome coffee that brings them all together, they are great to be around, interesting to talk to and have absolutely brilliant customer service. The first year I hosted Thanksgiving for example Ash gave me loads of advice on the dishes I absolutely could not miss out for an authentic American Thanksgiving meal…I mean THAT is a real service!

Adrian and Alistair
Having opened a second cafe in The Corridor last year, 2015 will see Society Cafe expand to other UK cities and I for one can't wait to see them all. 

If you've not sampled these little coffee gems yet then what are you waiting for! Get in there for a flat white or sample their ever changing guest blend. Take a look at the rolling exhibition of artwork (currently photographs taken by the team) or simply grab a magazine and sit back with a pot of tea as Bath flits about its business. But whatever you do "keep it sassy".

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